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10 ans déjà

3 Octobre 2016 , Rédigé par jcdrpro

10 ans déjà

C'est un simple mail d'over-blog reçu ce dimanche qui m'a alerté : ce blog a 10 ans !

10 ans déjà et tant d'aventures, d'écrits, de rencontres, de joies et quelques larmes.

Un peu en déshérence aujourd'hui, il n'est pas pour autant totalement abandonné...

Et pour marquer cette date, voici quelques phrases propres à réflexion sur le journalisme d'aujourd'hui, bien loin de celui que je pratiquais à l'ouverture de ce blog. Même s'il en contenait les prémices..

"Do we, the media, do enough today, to explain and explore? Or are we too busy moving on to the next thing, in thrall to the pace of news?"

"(...) it does not mean we are covering the news more deeply or more analytically. We may be generating heat. But are we really delivering light?"

"Have we allowed the technology – utterly brilliant as it is – to dictate to us how we should approach the news? Algorithms, unheralded and unseen, are silently transforming our lives."

"We are, through technology, more enabled, freer, liberated from the restrictions previously placed upon us. We are truly now a global village. But we need to make sure that we do not just reflect the small talk of a village, its parochial concerns, the intense human hatreds and prejudices."

"So if we do not as journalists take time occasionally to catch our breath, to pause, and slow down, and make greater efforts to explain, we may find that we are left with nothing much in our hands at all, except the indifference of an audience and a vacuous, unblinking, screen.

The choice is ours. The future, as always, is in our hands and the public will judge us by what we do."

"Today in a world of Fast, I am unapologetically speaking up for the virtues of Slow. Slow Journalism which is engaging and dynamic of course but embodies impartiality, accuracy, expertise and evidence; the things which take time and resource"

"Public service broadcasting may no longer be the biggest player in town as it was when I started my career, but for me it remains by far the best.

It is always worth fighting for."

Helen Boaden, Directrice démissionnaire de la BBC Radio.

Le texte complet est à lire ici.

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